GeoVerra releases enhanced, customized client experiences for Timber and Road Management partners

Edmonton, Alta (Nov. 24, 2022) – GeoVerra has revamped and enhanced its Timber Management System (TMS) software and Road Management Services (RMS) – because creating more efficient and customized experiences for clients is part of the Company’s Partnership Promise.

Since 1995, GeoVerra has been providing timber, environmental, and land management services to Alberta energy and forest industries. This is thanks to the entrepreneurially driven Forestry and Environmental team made up of Registered Professional Foresters and Forest Technologists, Professional Agrologists and Professional Biologists who have decades of project management experience. When GeoVerra first launched in June 2020 at the start of the global pandemic, they set out on a mission to be a constant partner in an ever-changing world. Two and a half years later, this still rings true and is demonstrated in the Company’s commitment to updating and enhancing existing client software and systems.

The Forestry and Environmental team is excited to provide a more user-friendly and customized experience for industry road users, industry road licensees, timber companies and Alberta’s Forest Management Agreement holders (FMA) with two system updates. GeoVerra’s Vice-President of Forestry and Environmental, Adrienne Maskalyk says, “Our team is excited to offer unmatched support and customized client experiences that allow efficient third-party use, easy budgeting, and cost recovery.”

Timber Management System (TMS)

Available through GeoVerra’s client portal (GV View), TMS is a custom web-based software that receives, tracks, and manages third-party applications on behalf of forest tenure holders. It allows third-party industry users and their agents to submit applications for consent of land withdrawals from GeoVerra’s FMA clients. TMS allows GeoVerra’s Forestry and Environmental team to assess sites on behalf of the forest tenure holder for conditions such as good land management, overlapping assets, and infringement into high-value areas. This review results in a timber inventory and subsequent timber valuation assessment and invoicing, with prompt replies, and an interface where third-party applicants can view the status of their applications.

So, what’s new? After 20 years of success, the old system needed an overhaul and GeoVerra is excited to lead the industry with the latest and greatest software for clients. The revamped TMS software provides:

  • User-friendly and intuitive experience
  • Easily extractable information
  • Ability to check application status
  • Efficiency and streamlined system
  • Minimized back-and-forth communications
    Expert support

Road Management Services (RMS)

GeoVerra’s RMS is a client-friendly system that can be customized for any industry road licensee and their road users. It is a one-stop-shop for licensees looking to track assets, manage road budgets, and recover costs in a fair and efficient manner from third-party users. RMS and the team of experts behind it, allow clients to recover the costs of maintaining a safe worksite and control the liability of owning and maintaining a lease road on public lands.

This service is providing users with an enhanced experience and new system features. Here is an overview of the capabilities and unique user benefits:

Service capabilities

  • Accessible anywhere (web-based access)
    Track industrial road assets
  • Receive and track third-party requests
  • Notify field representatives
  • Manage budgets
  • Create and track invoices
  • Support road restrictions and track users during restricted periods
  • Assesses construction and completions billing and maintenance budget and billing

Unique user benefits

  • Custom visual, user-friendly experience
  • Custom development for unique circumstances
  • Team of experts for support and administration
  • Allows clients to recover costs
    Export data easily

GeoVerra’s TMS and RMS systems offer the customized experience and reliable support clients need to efficiently communicate and complete projects with ease. “We can ALWAYS count on GeoVerra to respond to external and internal requests timely, accurately, and in a friendly and professional manner. They listen to us when we have challenges and bring forth suggestions, then they help us see it through to completion,” says GeoVerra’s valued client partner, ANC Timber.

Interested in learning more? Email GeoVerra’s Vice-President, Forestry and Environmental, Adrienne Maskalyk to discuss how these products can meet your needs, or visit our Forestry and Environmental page for a full list of what this team offers.

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