Planning & Construction

Bringing intelligent insights to the industrial sector.

Industrial projects need skilled and experienced surveyors who can operate in high-intensity, fast-paced working environments while meeting tight deadlines. At GeoVerra, we’re built to do just that. Our highly qualified professional land surveyors and technologists use the latest equipment to provide comprehensive consulting and value-added services that increase efficiencies, limit downtime, and help clients stay on budget. From single commercial sites to representing owners on large industrial projects, we use a combination of traditional surveying methods and the latest technology to offer effective solutions for managing any industrial project, from start to finish. GeoVerra has the knowledge, experience, processes, and quality assurance to bring comfort and success to our clients.

Helping you take and maintain control.

In this industry, surprises are never a good thing. Unpredictability can cost money, prolong schedules, and carry potential safety hazards. That’s why hiring an experienced team with a proven track record in QA/QC from the beginning is important. Our teams are qualified in survey controls, which establish essential reference points for every decision, every action, and every successful industrial project.

Once our surveyors determine control points, all subsequent work complying with the survey will be consistent, seamless, and help inform further engineering and development planning. We don’t just hand over results — we provide solutions. This means walking clients through the work we’ve done and how the survey supports the overall project. Because that’s what partners do.

Not only do we have access to a comprehensive fleet of industry-leading technology, but also the technical knowledge to use them appropriately. We recognize that not every solution requires the fanciest equipment, so wouldn’t suggest it if it wasn’t the right fit for the job. Sometimes a traditional boots-on-the-ground approach is the best way to go, and we’re here for that, too. After all, traditional surveying is in our roots.

But sometimes technology is the answer, and our team knows it well. With a wide range of digital twin solutions captured through unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), LiDAR, 3D scanning, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and applied GIS, we’re able to survey large areas in great detail and create rich deliverables in customized client portals for the management of any industrial project.

Some of our industrial services include:

  • Pre-construction and construction surveys
  • Subsurface utility locating
  • Geospatial Surveys (3D Scanning, UAV, LiDAR, Hydrography, GIS)
  • As-built surveys
  • Legal surveys
  • Control surveys
  • Deformation surveys
  • Alignment surveys
  • Industrial metrology
  • Machinery alignment services
  • Settlement monitoring

North West Redwater Partnership, Sturgeon Refinery

The North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) is a 50/50 partnership between Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) and the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission (APMC). Together, the partnership owns and operates the Sturgeon Refinery, the first refinery to champion sustainability with carbon capture and bring resources and revenue back to the province through a unique business model. GeoVerra has been providing a variety of services to the Sturgeon Refinery since construction began in 2013. We continue to be involved, providing ongoing survey and line locating support, such as 3D scanning, UAV support, ground disturbance, construction, as-built, legal, and control surveys.