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From upstream
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With deep roots in Western Canada, we know the oil and gas industry well. But it doesn’t stop there. Innovation at GeoVerra doesn’t just refer to the technology we have, but staying on top of the advancements that are taking place across industries outside of our own, and collaborating with clients who are doing things differently and trying new things. From oil and gas to sustainable energy, our field and office professionals are equipped to support the entire lifecycle of any energy project. Our strategically located teams of highly-skilled and experienced professionals have local expertise, proven experience, and extensive knowledge on regulatory requirements and quality assurance.

    Upstream Oil & Gas

    GeoVerra has a long-standing and recognized history in Western Canada’s oil and gas industry, from surveys of conventional well sites to oil sands exploration and all related infrastructure.

    As one of the nation’s largest and most respected geomatics firms, we offer a diverse range of integrated land survey services to oil and gas companies and their service providers.

    Our team of licensed land surveyors, project managers, field crews, and CAD technicians have a safety-first mindset, take a collaborative approach, and use innovative tools to provide clients with comprehensive services at any stage of an oil and gas project:

    • Preplanning – mapping and planning with LiDAR, UAV, aerial photos, and existing survey data; site surveys, environmental planning and regulatory permitting, road use management, timber salvage, and clearing coordination
    • Acquisition – disposition, lease, and right-of-way acquisition and licensing surveys
    • Construction – staking, line locating, facility layout, earthwork surveys
    • Renewals – disposition renewals via hybrid or conventional surveys

    Well Sites

    Our field and office teams are recognized throughout the industry for having the skills and knowhow to safely and efficiently complete well site survey programs in freehold or crown lands. We work together with survey coordinators, land professionals, field consultants, and landowners to provide well site surveys — both conventional and hybrid — whenever and wherever clients need them.

    Oil Sands Exploration (OSE)

    Our teams have extensive experience supporting OSE programs of any size, from beginning to end. They manage the preliminary planning of well site locations and the access required while identifying potential hazards and producing all maps and documents needed to support applications and third-party agreements. Dedicated OSE field staff survey each well, access road, and crossing for a smooth transition between application and development. When construction and drilling are complete, we prepare the as-built reports required to complete programs for regulations.

    ATCO – The Northwest Calgary Connector (NWCC)

    The NWCC project involved the installation of a 14 km of natural gas pipeline and the construction of four above-ground facilities in Calgary, AB. With decades in the industry, GeoVerra knows that each pipeline project comes with unique challenges. But the NWCC project stood out due to the variety of land tenures and survey techniques required throughout the life of the project. With Geoverra’s background knowledge of the project and previous successful projects, ATCO entrusted GeoVerra to meet these challenges.