Road Infrastructure, Rail Infrastructure

Safe passages for cargo and commuters.

From road to rail, we provide exceptional service, trusted expertise, and quality data to transportation projects across the country. With over one hundred years in the surveying industry and offices from Western Canada to Ontario, we’re well-equipped to produce reliable results and mitigate risks, regardless of the scope or region. Our team uses the latest technology to deliver construction, engineering, and topographic survey services for the planning, design, layout, development, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure. Wherever you’re going, you can count on GeoVerra to help get you there.


From tricky city streets to expansive highway systems, we can support roadway infrastructure projects of any size, anywhere. Our talented team and top-of-the-line tools enable us to be flexible, resourceful, and responsive to client needs. The surveying, mapping, and geomatics services that we deliver help bring operational and cost efficiencies to the construction of roads, overpasses, and bridges. And with decades of proven experience in this field, we know how to keep these projects on schedule and in compliance with local, provincial, and federal requirements.

When it comes to transportation infrastructure, conventional survey methods can be tedious. With the benefits of improved safety, compressed schedules, and reduced costs, we use our advanced technologies — mobile mapping systems (MMS), global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), robotic total stations, multistations, and more — to collect high-precision data, and provide monitoring services for a diverse range transportation projects. Having reliable data from the beginning, our clients can design and build with confidence.

Some of our road-focused services include:

  • Corridor mapping
  • Road and highway staking
  • Road use and access plans
  • Road condition assessments
  • Traffic accommodation strategies
  • Bridge layout
  • Tunnel surveys
  • Condition monitoring
  • Construction and legal surveys

Metrolinx Regional Express Rail (RER)

Metrolinx is undertaking a transformation of the GTHA GO rail network to expand its services from primarily commuter transport to a fully integrated rapid transit system providing reliable, efficient rail connections. The 10-year, \$16 billion GO Regional Express Rail (RER) program will double GO train service at peak periods and quadruple off-peak service.