Our Professional Associations

Earning your trust.

To talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk. Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected geomatics company in the industry. And, in order to achieve that, we’ve taken an active role in certifying our credentials, collaborating on industry improvements, and empowering new opportunities in the field of geomatics.


Need a credential check? We’re an active member of our industry, engaging on national and regional matters that influence how we conduct our craft. From surveying to sustainability, you can have confidence in GeoVerra as your qualified geomatics partner.

Engaging the next generation.

What drives GeoVerra? It has to be our zeal for adventure — be it mapping new frontiers or exploring new ways to do our job. This is the spirit we want to inspire in the next generation of geomatics professionals. As a result, we’re on campuses across Canada partnering with associations to better the industry. We’re also actively involved in the community to promote the adventurous world that is geomatics and engaging students on exciting summer work opportunities. If we’re not actively recruiting for one of our many available positions, you can find us on campuses across Canada spreading the word about geomatics and engaging students on exciting summer work opportunities. Plant your roots at GV and grow with us.

Latest News


GeoVerra Announces VP, Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

May 2, 2023

Edmonton, AB (May 2, 2023) – GeoVerra, one of Canada’s largest land surveying and geomatics firms, has announced that the role of their Vice-President, Forestry and Environmental, Adrienne Maskalyk, is […]


Our Telkwa office is open for business

February 21, 2023

Edmonton, Alta (Feb. 21, 2023) – GeoVerra has arrived in Telkwa, BC! Our team is excited to offer a range of services for people in the community and surrounding areas. With […]