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for today and tomorrow

Connected to
the cause.

For us, success goes beyond project performance. It includes the initiatives that drive our vision as forward-thinkers and enrich those around us for generations to come. We are serious about environmental and social responsibility. Because of this, our community partnerships play a key role in the decisions we make every single day.

GV gives back.

Each year, we allocate a budget to help all of our team members give back through donations to the organizations they volunteer with. Our hope is that this program will encourage GV employees to be active in their communities in a positive way.

Indigenous commitment.

GeoVerra recognizes the importance and is committed to positive, mutually beneficial partnerships and working relationships with Indigenous Peoples across Canada. Across our business, we know there are opportunities to listen, learn, reflect and take action to support Reconciliation through our work with clients, communities, and industry associations.

Reflecting on GeoVerra’s values of teamwork, work ethic, client focus, working safely, and entrepreneurial spirit, we recognize the intersection with Reconciliation. GeoVerra is committed to a culture of both inclusion and awareness of Indigenous Peoples and their cultures in our day-to-day business. We have a responsibility to create inclusive workplaces, engage Indigenous communities, businesses, and contractors, and collaborate with our clients to support Reconciliation.

We value and are proud of the unique partnerships we’ve been fortunate to develop with Indigenous Peoples across the country and the impact we are creating together. We have a long and successful history working with Indigenous groups on large-scale projects, and our goal as partners is to provide training, mentoring, and employment opportunities. Through projects that create mutually improved economic opportunities, we are increasing our awareness and ability to support initiatives that bring lasting improvement to the quality of life for everyone.

GeoVerra is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

    Featured community partners.

    Strong, proactive partnerships keep us rooted within the industry we serve and the communities we live. It’s one of the reasons why we’re known for our teamwork and it influences how we continue to grow as responsible corporate citizens.

    Tomorrow, next week and next month, the need for blood is constant. More than 4,000 partner organizations from across Canada have partnered with Canadian Blood Services (CBS) to save lives and we’re proud to be one of them. Anyone can sign up as a CBS + GV partner — visit blood.ca, sign up or log in, select “partners,” and search GeoVerra to join your local office team.

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