Land Use Planning
& Subdivision

Define your development potential.

Specializing in land development and municipal subdivision, we have the skills and experience to take your vision from the pre-planning stage through to completion. With extensive knowledge of provincial and municipal land use planning procedures, policies, and bylaws, our planning professionals can assist private and public-sector clients with wide-ranging land development and planning needs.

Planning Services

Whether you have a large-scale mixed-use development or a single-lot subdivision, our team of Registered Professional Planners (RPP) and land surveyors can provide site analysis and subdivision design, mapping, boundary surveys, legal surveys, comprehensive development proposals, and even support the preparation, submission, and management of applications.

We want to help your community plan for its future, and can deliver planning services to those who need support on a full or part time basis. We work collaboratively with communities to prepare land use studies, write official community plans, municipal development plans, zoning bylaws, and land use bylaws. With decades of experience working with municipalities large and small, we can provide general planning advice and expertise, help with public engagement, and offer support reviewing development applications and processing bylaw amendments.

Technologies to do more.

At GeoVerra, technology isn’t an afterthought. It’s something that we’ve incorporated into our everyday operations and conversations. While there’s always a time and a place for traditional surveying (we should know since it’s what we love to do), we embrace technology to advance our industry and yours.