Indigenous Land

Preserving the culture and tradition of Indigenous land.

GeoVerra’s surveying, GIS, land development, environmental, and mapping professionals work with Indigenous groups to address their specific needs and expectations while also respecting local concerns and beliefs. Ultimately, our goal is to contribute to the sustainability and prosperity of the Indigenous communities we work with.

Indigenous Land Services

Our land surveyors, agrologists, biologists, GIS specialists, forestry technologists, registered planners, and registered foresters provide seasoned expertise, project management solutions, and responsive, reliable service to the Indigenous communities and industries in which we operate.

GeoVerra’s Indigenous Monitor supports survey and construction monitoring activities while also protecting traditional and cultural heritage sites. Our Monitor is experienced in fieldwork and has technical expertise in GIS mapping, database construction, and surveying. Paired with knowledge of traditional land use and cultural heritage assessments, our Monitor ensures that Indigenous values and expectations are respected, and determines ways to mitigate each project’s impact on cultural and environmental features.

Through our project work, we’ve forged close working relationships with Indigenous communities across the country. These partnerships not only enrich our appreciation of the land and promote an inclusive working culture, but are also vital in our collective efforts to support reconciliation.

Some of our Indigenous land services include:

  • Legal land surveys
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Forestry and environment
  • Land use planning
  • Policy development
  • Indigenous land claims and settlements

Safe and expansive imaging.

Unmanned aerial imaging is a proven and trusted technique for collecting precise geospatial data with remote (LiDAR) and photogrammetry (RGB) sensors. UAVs help us perform quick, high-definition surveys (HDS) across large, complex, and even hazardous areas while keeping everyone out of harm’s way and mitigating the impact on cultural and environmental features.