One team,
one goal.


At the core of who we are and what we do is the pride we have in every aspect of our job. From the field to the office, and everything that happens in between, GeoVerra is a team that embraces challenges and aspires to push geomatics further.


Our mindset encourages collaboration and breeds innovation within our teams. But, it doesn’t stop there. To us, teamwork means that we work towards one shared vision. Because, together, we believe that we can do great things.

Client Focus

As a strategic project partner, we see our work as a group effort. Because of this, close collaboration with client teams is paramount. It’s just as true now as it was when we first founded the company on outstanding service.

Work Ethic

Anything we do, we do it diligently and with intention. We owe this to ourselves and our clients. As a result, you not only get a highly coordinated team, but also an honest, good old-fashioned, hardworking one too.

Working Safely

For us, safety is always top of mind. In fact, working safely is a way of life at GV. It’s entrenched in our culture and processes, without compromise, so you never have to worry about how we perform on-site.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

To work with the best clients (which we do), you need to think big. We’re here not only to innovate how we do things at GeoVerra, but to elevate the industry as a whole. We do that by driving change instead of reacting to it, and we encourage our peers to do the same.

    Join our team.

    Working with us calls for dedication and intuition. It also helps if you’re the down-to-earth type. Sound like you? We have opportunities dotted across Canada’s vast landscape. Get to know what life is like at GeoVerra.