Surveying the land with
a down-to-earth approach.

All successful projects start with reliable, quality survey data. You can trust the industry-leading experts at GeoVerra to deliver valuable insights that drive projects forward on time and on budget.

    Surveying Services

    Surveying — it’s the foundation on which GeoVerra was built and the backbone of everything we do. One could argue it’s the backbone of every successful project. After all, surveyors are often the first ones on site, determining boundaries and establishing controls. They form reliable, sustainable reference points to be used as the basis for and throughout a project’s lifecycle and beyond. This is one of many reasons it’s critical to work with a professional, qualified surveyor; the ramifications from cost, structural, and safety standpoints can be monumental if you don’t. When you work with the team at GeoVerra, you know you’re getting just that: some of the best professionals in the industry who also happen to be all-around good, down-to-earth people.

    • Construction surveys
    • Well site surveys
    • Environmental land management surveys
    • Facility surveys
    • QA/QC Surveys
    • Pipeline surveys
    • Boundary surveys
    • Earthwork surveys
    • Right-of-way surveys
    • Bathymetric surveys
    • Topographic surveys
    • As-built surveys
    • Legal surveys
    • Registered land title surveys
    • Tunnel and mining surveys
    • Transmission and distribution line surveys


    If it’s visible, it can be scanned and modelled. GeoVerra’s highly-skilled staff use the latest, most advanced technology to do just that. What does this mean for our clients? Precise, safe, and cost-efficient results, delivered in a fraction of the time it takes using conventional survey methods.