Zero – A Number to be Proud of: GeoVerra reports impressive safety statistics

Written by: Jen Alain, Director of HSE

A few weeks ago, our Chief Executive Officer, John Nielsen, asked me to provide a high-level overview of our Q3 HSE stats and safety performance to present at their Board of Directors meeting. I was incredibly proud to provide our Lost Time and Total Recordable Frequency rates, which were both 0.00 – a huge accomplishment.

I’m a thinker and processor, so I started to reflect as to how GV achieved this in not only three months of being in operation, but in the middle of our integration journey, with double the workforce from numerous companies with varying safety cultures, all in the middle of a global pandemic. This is typically when new companies tend to see a high spike of incidents – while everyone is still finding their feet.

So how did we accomplish this? Through four simple steps, or “The Keys to HSE Success”:

  1. We have an integrated HSE Program that belongs to our team members at all levels of the organization. Through your dedication to our safety culture, we see the success and adoption of an effective HSE program. The HSE team simply provides our employees with the tools, guidance and assets to work safely, and manage safety throughout our operations.


  1. Effective information and communication are cascaded from our leaders to our team members, through an open-door policy that encourages people to speak openly about safety concerns, mental and physical check-ins, and to lead by example.


  1. Commitment and adoption. Not to get too cheesy, but this is where the personal transformation takes place. Making the moral commitment to safety and integrating it throughout a person’s daily work activities and even into their personal lives.


  1. Engagement and performance. This is what we see taking place at the ground level – where the real work happens. Reporting of proactive reports, participating during safety meetings, reaching out to HSE with feedback and suggestions, completion of JSAs, FATPs and safety training – the list goes on. Your participation is what makes the Keys to HSE Success come full circle.


Then we arrive back at the HSE program. Based on everyone’s engagement, performance, and feedback, the HSE team evaluates our results, analyzes proactive reporting and incidents, reviews employee feedback used to make improvements and enhancements to the program. This continuous improvement cycle is imperative to a thriving safety culture. Like any part of the business, we’re always striving to do better because, without safety, the day-to-day operations cannot occur.

Thank you to our team members for making this possible. Safety – it’s a way of life.

For more information on HSE at GeoVerra, click here.

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