Edmonton, AB (June 29, 2020) – GeoVerra, one of the country’s largest geomatics firms with offices in Western Canada and Ontario, opened its doors for business on Monday as the transaction between Altus Group and WSP closed this past weekend. As part of the transaction, the country’s leading geomatics providers were carved out from the two organizations to form GeoVerra. The Company provides solutions in land surveying, mapping, forestry, and geospatial technology across diverse industries, with a mission to provide outstanding service that employees are proud of, that clients recommend to others, and that leave a positive impact on the communities it serves.

With offices in 29 cities and towns, GeoVerra is well equipped to serve its clients by offering a broad variety of geomatics services in Western Canada and Ontario. The team has the expertise and scope to take on large, complex projects, while remaining agile to be competitive at the local level for smaller projects.

“Launching a new business during a global crisis is no easy feat,” comments GeoVerra’s Chief Executive Officer, John Nielsen, “but to me, it demonstrates the work ethic, resilience and strength of this amazing team we have brought together. It’s this determination that drives us to provide outstanding service, exceed expectations and create lasting relationships that clients can depend on.” Nielsen adds, “We understand this is a difficult time for many organizations and what they need is a reliable partner. As a service organization, that’s exactly what we’re here to do – provide responsive, efficient, solutions-based performance, with the size and stability to deliver consistent and reliable services.”

The two seasoned geomatics teams, now operating as one entity, look forward to providing industry-leading solutions and world-class service to new and existing partners across Western Canada and Ontario.