If it’s visible, it can be scanned and modeled with High-Definition Surveying (HDS) laser technology. 3D laser scanning captures highly accurate detail in a fraction of the time it takes using conventional survey methods. This unobtrusive survey application is safe, thorough and cost-efficient; reducing facility downtime, and return visits to the site.

GeoVerra’s highly experienced staff uses the latest, most technically advanced 3D laser scanners and software on the market. What does this mean for our clients? Efficiency and solutions-based performance.

In addition to our laser technology, GeoVerra’s reality capture solutions also include UAV mapping and bathymetric surveys offering accuracy, excellent turnaround times and competitive costs per project.

GeoVerra focuses on providing efficiency not only in the field while collecting data, but also in the office, combining highly qualified people, powerful software, and a strong QA/QC process.

Transportation Icon


GeoVerra can collect fast, accurate and high density geospatial data using 3D technologies for transportation projects. These technologies allow us to collect data remotely, avoiding unsafe areas and limits disruption of sites and work areas.

  • Corridor Mapping
  • Asset Management
  • Structural Inspection
  • 3D Modeling – of transportation infrastructures
  • Road and Railway Mapping and Inspections
  • Condition Monitoring
Surveying & Mapping Icon

Surveying & Mapping

With recent enhancements of Geomatics technologies, we are able to survey and map large areas in detail, accurately and efficiently. 3D technologies create rich deliverables with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Volume and Stockpile Measurement
  • As-builts
  • DTM, DSM and DEM
  • Site Plans
  • Construction Surveys and Earthworks
  • Mining, Quarries and Aggregates
  • Visual Records of Excavation
  • Urban Planning and Landing Management
Oil & Gas Icon

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas facilities require constant updates and upgrades to remain relevant and operate safely. GeoVerra’s special projects team offers a variety of technologies that allow us to collect high quality geospatial data while reducing downtime, eliminating rework and ensuring safe and reliable operations.

  • Pipeline Corridor Mapping
  • Asset Management
  • Structural Inspection
  • Retrofitting
  • 3D Plant Facilities Scan and Modeling
  • Clash Detection
  • Plant Site As-built and Documentation
Construction Icon


GeoVerra’s special projects team can efficiently collect geospatial progress using our 3D technologies to map, measure, analyze, and report the progress on your project.

  • Accurate Haul Cost Estimate
  • Topographic Survey
  • Visual Records of Excavation
  • Stockpile Measurement
  • Cut and Fill Calculation
  • Facilitate Infrastructure Inspection
  • As-built Data for 4D BIM
  • Project Plan and Design
  • Clash Detection
  • Plant Site As-built and Documentation
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Icon

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

GeoVerra’s special projects team can collect high definition survey data and create 3D Models for any type of BIM projects. We are able to accurately represent sites, building and define each element using our most advanced laser scanners. After the scanning and 3D modeling is concluded, we can add the 4D time aspect associated with each construction element. Scanning of work before construction has also proven to be a value-add as the quantifiable information coming from 3D elements allows for more detailed cost planning, or 5D as it’s called.

Mobile Scanning - Lidar USA “A Series” Icon

Mobile Scanning - Lidar USA “A Series”

  • High grade mobile system using Novatel STIM300 IMU, Novatel GPS, Velodyne HD32 scanner
  • PPK solution for high accuracy on any vehicle – Truck, Hi-Rail, UAV, Boat, Helicopter, UTV, ATV
  • Highly versatile platform and can be mounted to go practically anywhere
  • Cover large areas of land without the need for a pilot vehicle
Mobile Imager – Trimble MX7 Icon

Mobile Imager – Trimble MX7

  • Trimble MX7 can capture 360-degree high resolution geo-referenced images
  • The system also collects high precision positioning using GNSS and inertial referencing system to georeferenced all
  • A very efficient, fast and cost-effective way to manage assets such as bridges, buildings, roads, highways, power stations, and document site conditions with geo-referenced images
  • The captured data can be used to produce deliverables and drive decisions at the office using a selection of office software tools. All extracted features from the images can be integrated into any GIS or CAD systems.
Static Scanner - Leica P40, Leica RTC360, Leica C10 Icon

Static Scanner - Leica P40, Leica RTC360, Leica C10

  • Used in position for the most efficient and safe way to capture high resolution, accurate data with or without images
  • Combined with any site/local control or Geodetic (UTM) information
  • Highly versatile
UAV Fixed Wing – WingtraOne PPK (Imagery) Icon

UAV Fixed Wing – WingtraOne PPK (Imagery)

  • As a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone, WingtraOne is able to fly in the air as far and stable as a fixed-wing aircraft. Take-off and landing are smooth even on gravel because a VTOL plane can hover like a multicopter. That ensures not only the safety of the drone and its operator but also of the onboard high-end camera.
  • GeoVerra’s WingtraOne‘s flagship camera is the 42 MP full frame Sony RX1RII. Such a camera takes high-resolution images where the number of total pixels is more than double that with a usual 20 MP camera.
UAV Multi Rotor -  M600 Pro, Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro Icon

UAV Multi Rotor -  M600 Pro, Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro

  • As a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones, these industry standard multi-rotor units are easy to deploy and capture data with. The units can be transported anywhere and set up in minutes to begin data collection.
  • GeoVerra’s “M600 Pro” platform is a highly configurable platform that can be configured with our LidarUSA “Snoopy” 3D Laser Scanner and/or a variety of camera options in order to perform photogrammetry, inspections, video.
  • The “Inspire2” platform is configurable with various imaging sensors and interchangeable lenses for photogrammetry and inspection.

Topo and Site plans

  • Contour maps
  • High resolution
  • Geotiff, jp2

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3D Models

  • Dwg
  • Rvt
  • Nwd

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Mobile scan data

  • DSM and DTM
  • GIS Database
  • Extracted Assets Info

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Static scan data

  • Elevation maps
  • Volumes
  • Floor Flatness and levelness
  • Deformation
  • Comparison
  • Pts, e57, las, laz, ptx, ReCap, etc.

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