Neoen Fox Coulée Solar Farm

Project Name

Neoen Fox Coulée Solar Farm


Fox Coulée, AB


Original ground topographic surveys
Buried utility locating
Machine control establishment and support for grading operations
Layout and as-built of earthworks
Layout and as-built of piles
Pile cut and cap support

Project Description

Near Drumheller, Alberta, Neoen’s first solar project, a 94 MW solar farm is set to power over 20,000 homes. Connecting to ATCO Electric’s system, the project will support Alberta’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2035—reducing 70,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions yearly. Construction of this project began June 20, 2023 and the wind farm is expected to be operational by early 2024.

Solar technology isn’t new, but recent prevalence has seen both large organizations and individual consumers choose to integrate this renewable, eco-friendly supply of energy on much more massive scales.

“We have quite a bit of experience in solar with several large projects,” says Thomas Kranjcevic, GeoVerra project manager.

This includes pre-construction services such as detailed topographic surveys, legal boundary determination, and utility locate sweeps, all necessary to assist with design and assessments for potential solar sites.

Building a thriving energy hub to fuel global goals and tens of thousands of families began with a blank canvas just north of the Drumheller airport. GeoVerra was involved from the early stages—instrumental in the intensive process of determining secure boundaries required to erect fences, and stablishing designated spaces for storage areas and roads.

The solar panels installed at Fox Coulée are affixed atop a racking system supported by helical screw piles. “A significant portion of the project involved laying out this foundation, with 23,000 solar piles secured into the ground, each and every location carefully pinpointed,” explains Kranjcevic. “As they were installed, we verified their locations with a template to measure the top of the pile and let the client know if it meets their tolerances.” 

Complexities extended further, with GeoVerra surveying the trenching for electrical cables spanning over 30 kilometres, connecting the solar arrays to combiner boxes and inverters, and ultimately transferring the generated power to the grid. Meticulous and systematic check-ins ensured smooth sailing.


  • Fox Coulée is a 93 MW solar project located north of the Drumheller airport in Starland County, Alberta. It is being developed by one of the world’s leading producers of renewable energy, Neoen, and is their first asset in Canada.
  • The solar farm is scheduled to be operational in 2024, at which time it is expected to generate enough clean electricity to power over 20,000 homes and prevent the emission of approximately 70,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.
  • GeoVerra is providing geomatics support to the project throughout it’s construction
  • The GeoVerra team played a crucial role in the early stages of the project, establishing secure boundaries, storage areas, and roads and succesfully managed the surveying of trenching for electrical cables spanning over 30 kilometers, connecting solar arrays to combiner boxes and inverters.

Why GeoVerra – Trusted, Responsive, Reliable Solutions

GeoVerra’s practical experience and industry experts sets their team when handling challenging projects.  Earthworks, piling and infrastructure are key areas in solar development that require experts and reliable services and solutions. Most of all, their team’s strength lies in being adaptable.

“We bring a solid workforce to the table, capable of handling ever-changing project needs quickly and efficiently,” says Kranjcevic. “When unexpected needs arise, like a sudden demand for more manpower, we’re lightning fast in responding and mobilizing a crew.” GeoVerra takes pride in their work and values clear communication, and Fox Coulée showcased a smooth exchange of insights from the field to the core team.

An extra edge lies in GeoVerra’s top-of-the-line equipment, like the Trimble R12i GNSS receiver, a staple for all field crews. “It helps us conduct surveys faster and more accurately, thanks to features like the built-in IMU that minimizes wind interference,” he says.

Reflecting on the progress of the project—a collaborative effort of over 500 people—seeing the first solar panels installed was the most satisfying milestone for Kranjcevic. “Establishing a solid relationship with our client, based on trust and dependability, has not only led to project success but has also opened doors to exciting new opportunities ahead.”

Primary Services

  • Original ground topographic surveys.
  • Buried utility locating.
  • Machine control establishment and support for grading operations.
  • Layout and as-built of earthworks (roads, trenching, and grading).
  • Layout and as-built of piles (solar array foundations, inverters, and combiner boxes, etc.).
  • Pile cut and cap support for inverters, the O&M building, and E-house piles.

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