District of Kitimat Landfill Upgrade

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District of Kitimat Landfill Upgrade


Kitimat, BC


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Project Background

The District of Kitimat is a community of about 8,200 people located on the north coast of British Columbia. It sits at the head of the Douglas Channel and has a long history of industrial development from aluminum in the 1950s, to forestry and methanol and the current LNG export facility currently being built.

To serve the waste disposal needs of the community, the municipal landfill lies 6.5 km from Kitimat. The District of Kitimat is undertaking upgrades to the landfill including construction of a new entrance with a scale house to improve and expand operations.

GeoVerra has worked with the District of Kitimat for several years providing surveying on small projects. Through these projects, the team has built trust with the client by delivering top quality results, on time and within budget. Because of this relationship, GeoVerra provided a pre-construction survey of the landfill location including a custom, online Rapid Deploy Site Tour to easily access and visualize the survey deliverables.

Take a tour yourself! Click the link for a public view of the District of Kitikmat Rapid Deploy Site Tour.


  • To improve operations, the District of Kitimat is undertaking developments to their municipal landfill including construction of a new entrance with a scale house.
  • In addition to surveying services, GeoVerra provided an online Rapid Deploy Site Tour that brought together the survey deliverables in a customized dashboard portal.
  • The Rapid Deploy Site Tour is typically created the day following the post-survey processing  and enables all project stakeholders to easily view, interact with and monitor changes to the site as development proceeds.

Why GeoVerra – Trusted, Responsive, Reliable Solutions

Every team member at GeoVerra is driven to go the extra mile for our clients, including the development of advanced and customized solutions. This is certainly the case for veteran Project Manager, Jim Sutherland at the Fort St. John office. He realized that while the team at GeoVerra is immersed in geomatics deliverables every day, our clients may not be accustomed to viewing the myriad of survey outputs.

Inspired by his personal interest in using drone imagery to create virtual site tours, Jim and his team created the Rapid Deploy Site Tour online portal to provide an easily accessible, secure location for clients to access images and documents associated with their site. The portal provides all project stakeholders with a more impactful way to visualize and interact with the large data set of survey information.

For the Kitimat landfill, the pre-construction survey captured high-resolution aerial orthophoto, aerial and pole images including 360-degree panoramas, as well as a LiDAR point cloud. The GeoVerra team leveraged high-resolution cameras and sensors deployed on drones, also known as remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPASs) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The interactive Rapid Deploy Site Tour was created within days of capturing the survey data and includes clickable site feature descriptions overlayed on the orthophoto, aerial and pole panorama images. In addition, the portal is linked to a Potree point cloud viewer which enables 3D visualization and analysis of the point cloud and a robust set of tools to make measurements, monitor progress and share information with other stakeholders as the project develops.

The Rapid Deploy Site Tour portal is also able to, export sections and elevations, incorporate video, associated website links, PDFs (e.g., engineering and legal documents) and topographic maps. Clients can capture and mark up image clips, export elevations, add polygons and create presentations. By bringing together all the information in a virtual site tour, the client can easily view, interact with, monitor and share information with other stakeholders as the project develops.

No matter what the project is – large or small – the team at GeoVerra is always looking for ways to innovate and improve the client experience. As Jim says, “My motto is to always deliver to the client more than they expect.”.

Primary Services

  • Custom Portal
  • UAVs


Imagine a simple web link where you can securely launch a virtual environment showcasing your project site the day after the field survey. You can interactively explore and visualize the work in detail, analyze site components, take and export critical measurements, and easily share with colleagues and other stakeholders.”

– Jim Sutherland, Project Manager, GeoVerra

For more information on how the GeoVerra team can support you with your land surveying projects with  client portals for a more impactful way to visualize and interact with large data sets, send us a note at www.geoverra.com/contact.

See the tour for yourself and check out the public view of the District of Kitimat Rapid Deploy Site Tour here.

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