Metrolinx Regional Express Rail (RER)

Project Name

Metrolinx Regional Express Rail (RER)


Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, ON


Horizontal and Vertical Control survey
Topographic survey
3D Laser Scanning
Deformation Monitoring survey
Utility survey
Barehole layout and as-built survey
Legal plan of survey
Reference Plans (R-Plan)
Expropriation Plan
Survey sketch for comiled boundary

Project Background

Metrolinx is undertaking a transformation of the GTHA GO rail network to expand its services from primarily commuter transport to a fully integrated rapid transit system providing reliable, efficient rail connections. The 10-year, $16 billion GO Regional Express Rail (RER) program will double GO train service at peak periods and quadruple off-peak service.

For the first two phases of the RER, GeoVerra supported the joint venture called 4Transit to provide geomatics surveying and inputs on project-specific output specifications (PSOS) in a sub-consultant capacity. As the primary surveying resource, GeoVerra has drawn on its wide range of expertise and extensive resources to meet both the technical and operational challenges of the project.

The RER program started in 2017 and as the first two phases wrap up, GeoVerra will continue to provide surveying for the third phase starting at the end of 2022 through a new joint venture ONxpress Transportation Partners.


  • The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) is transforming its GO Rail network with a Regional Express Rail (RER) program that goes beyond commuter-focused travel by quadrupling rail service, opening opportunities to live, work and travel anywhere in the region.
  • GeoVerra has been the primary geomatics survey resource working on the first and second phases of the RER project providing all pre-construction and legal plan surveys.
  • The ongoing surveying needs require quick turnarounds, detailed investigations of property boundaries and customized survey methods to meet the project and client needs.

Why GeoVerra – Trusted, Responsive, Reliable Solutions

The RER program has presented several unique challenges to performing the required survey work including populated areas and tight corridors with active electrification. These challenges heightened the safety guidelines and requirements of the project. The GeoVerra survey teams received additional training and worked closely with the onsite flagman personnel to ensure the safety of all workers within the restricted railway corridors.

Throughout the project, GeoVerra has delivered on a range of survey requests involving tight turnaround times and technical challenges that required customized solutions. Being the largest geomatics firm in Canada, GeoVerra can pull survey team resources from other regions enabling delivery on short notice requests. From a technical perspective, GeoVerra owns many of its own advanced technology and equipment but also has solid third-party relationships for other high-tech solution requests. For example, photogrammetric mapping and satellite imagery were used to supplement the traditional topographic surveys.

Primary Services

Engineering Surveys

  • Horizontal and Vertical Control survey
  • Topographic survey
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Deformation Monitoring survey
  • Utility survey
  • Borehole layout and as-built survey

Legal Boundary Surveying

  • Legal plan of survey
  • Reference Plans (R-Plan)
  • Expropriation Plan
  • Survey sketch for compiled boundary


I like working on challenging projects that get you out of your comfort zone. The RER program with Metrolinx has required a range of surveying techniques from conventional to high-tech, as well as providing strategic input through to quality execution.”

– Tony Pu, Project Manager, GeoVerra

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