Our Partnership Promise – We are:


We are quick.

With an impressive bench strength, we’re quick to quote, to get to site, to address challenges and to get the job done on-time and on-budget.

Industry Experts

We have the skills you need.

With team members working in different industries all across the country, we’ve got a knowledge base that’s undeniable.


We solve problems.

We ask questions, investigate and provide the best solution for your individual project needs.


We are reliable.

Like any great partner, you can count on us. We provide safe, dependable, quality service.

The GeoVerra Difference

GeoVerra is one of the country’s largest geomatics firms with offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario providing land surveying, forestry, environmental, and geospatial solutions to clients in diverse industries.

First and foremost, GeoVerra is a service organization that thrives on exceeding expectations and creating lasting relationships that clients can depend on. We’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless work ethic that pushes us to take initiative, developing advanced, customized solutions for clients in diverse sectors from industry to government.

In all we do, safety comes first. It’s a group effort. We pride ourselves on highly coordinated teamwork for complete peace of mind in the field and beyond.

Our team-oriented approach extends to how we work with our clients too. We view ourselves as strategic partners, focused solely on achieving client objectives through seamless collaboration and providing seasoned expertise they can rely on.

The confidence our clients have in us stems from our actions, values and ethics put into practice. We’re truthful, open and honest, and with that comes trusted partnerships. Clients know we’re committed to exceeding expectations with our service-backed reputation for responsive, efficient, solutions-based performance every step of the way. It’s what we like to call the partnership promise.

GeoVerra is well-positioned for a rapidly-changing future, but our roots in the industry stretch back over 100 years and we have continued to evolve as a fusion of specialities brought together through mergers and acquisitions:

WSP, Altus Geomatics, Opus Stewart Weir, MMM Group, Focus Corporation, Maltais Geomatics, Peters Survey, Lennon Trilogy, Waberski Darrow Survey Group, Crape Geomatics, Condon Survey, EZRA Consulting, All West Surveys, Sunbow Consulting, Cadastral Group, Fulton and Associates, Hidber Construction Services, Hughes & Taylor, GPEC, George Munro & Associates, Usher Canada, J.W. Sharpe and Associates, Wright Parry, Monument Surveys, All Terrain Surveys

Data Storage and Security You Can Count On

To empower our technology team, GeoVerra uses a high-performance computing and storage environment. We leverage both local and cloud computing systems to offer the most flexible, high-performance options for your projects. At GeoVerra, we understand data security can be complex; that’s why we deployed a global file system across the organization to keep your data securely encrypted, meeting industry compliance and audit requirements. Our modernized IT infrastructure was created from a stabilize, optimize and transform approach, which allows our team to build with security and performance in mind.  

Our IT operations consist of 70+ servers and over 650 high-performance workstations. Our field teams are equipped with over 100 cellular-ready tablets for remote data capture and data submission tasks. We have over 250 processing cores in our data compute environment and a global file system with unlimited storage scaling capabilities. Rest assured your data is always safe and secure with our immutable data storage systems. The Continuous File Versioning takes more frequent snapshots than a typical backup solution. The result is unmatched data protection.

All of our systems are managed and monitored 24/7 by our highly skilled and experienced IT Team. We follow industry best practices and utilize industry-leading tools to ensure your data is always secure.