It’s Not a Pipe Dream

Edmonton, AB (Aug. 24, 2022) – Climate mitigation. Carbon capture. Blue hydrogen. Green. Despite buzzwords galore, it all points to something with meaning—by working together, we’re navigating big changes in the energy industry.

Backed by years of experience in enhanced oil recovery and carbon capture, plus the ideal geology to support these initiatives, Alberta is already setting the pace in alternative energy. But balancing economic stability, regulations, and of course, hefty climate goals, brings unprecedented hurdles. It means industry leaders are looking for support as they navigate what is being referred to as the “energy transition.”

“As much as we often have a thousand things on our plate, our clients have ten thousand on theirs,” says Jeff Adair, GeoVerra’s Director of Alternative Energy. “If I can take at least one of those things and deal with it for them, that goes a long way.”

Launching a new division specializing in alternative energy reinforces GeoVerra’s unique position to help companies in this flourishing sector. “With our expertise in surveying, forestry and environmental, GIS, UAVs, mobile mapping and high definition LiDAR scanning—we bring together the latest technology and deep-rooted expertise to deliver solutions for those taking on alternative energy projects,” says Adair.

While the sector itself is undoubtedly complex, the way to approach its challenges isn’t. “As one of Canada’s largest geomatics firms, GeoVerra has the systems and resources in place, and the expertise from years of experience in oil and gas, that applies to these new projects,” explains Adair.

Past Informs the Present

GeoVerra has deep experience at many industrial facilities, including in construction and pipeline surveying—which is where many alternative energy in

Wind Power

itiatives live. This expertise in mainstream pipelines and transmission lines lends itself to the transportation of carbon dioxide or hydrogen.

“We’ve been on these sites,” says Adair. “The site control has been established. We have the people who are familiar with working there—whether that’s for the initial layout and construction, or modification or retrofitting for carbon capture.”

If a GeoVerra team has been used in the past for a project—say forestry or environmental, or legal surveying—they’re already equipped with the ins and outs of the site. “When we already know the intimate details of the project, it’s a natural progression to use our team moving forward for consistency.”

This power of consistency in alternative energy initiatives shouldn’t be overlooked. Projects drive forward more efficiently—saving time, money, and stress. “When we know the business, the communication, flow, and processes are all there,” says Adair. “Alternative energy is just a new piece we’re helping support clients with.”

All Stages, All Successes

Below the surface, Alberta has the geology to support alternative energy initiatives—and geomatics makes it come to life. Every solution is tailored, which means GeoVerra can enter the picture at any time.

Preliminary and ongoing project planning means assistance with land ownership, regulations, construction surveying, and logistical management—all factors to streamline operations. Collecting and delivering data in a digestible way is also essential, enabling everyone with access for better decision making. Monitoring and reducing risk aligns with that too, giving clients a complete picture of their project to predict what is coming next and adjust accordingly.

Topped off with the right technology to do the job (“We have the best technology available in our toolbox!”), Adair still stresses that it’s really about relationships.

“To our clients, we give peace of mind. We say, ‘We’ve done this with you before and now we’re here to help again, to guide you through this transition we’re all going through, together.”

Are you exploring or committing to alternative energy initiatives? Let’s chat—get in touch with us today.

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