Mobile Mapping Systems at Work

3D Surveying is becoming the new normal way of collecting spatial data for transportation and infrastructure projects. GeoVerra is ready to provide our partners and clients with the most accurate 3D data.

A mobile mapping system (MMS) collects accurate survey data for design, planning, maintenance and construction projects. Some advantages of using an MMS for transportation and infrastructure projects:

  • High productivity – kilometres of roads mapped in a single day
  • Increased safety – Removing surveyors from traffic on roadways
  • High accuracy/precision – cm accuracy level / mm precision level for 2D clearance analysis
  • Rich 3D dataset – High 3D data density for close-range acquisition
  • Cost Reductions – Reduce field visits to plan, scope, inspect and audit
  • Multiple Sensors – Different sensors can easily be integrated into the MMS. For instance, GPR, Thermo Camera, High definition 360 camera, extra sensors for pavement/asphalt analysis, etc.
  • Extract automatic and semi-automatic features from Point Cloud and Imagery
  • Versatile Data: One of the key potential benefits of MMS technology is that a single acquired dataset can be used for a variety of applications. The data also can be used for types of projects that may not have been a focus of the original scope of work e.g., Mapping, Surveying, Engineering, GIS, etc.


We have collected, post-processed and extracted features from more than 500 km of linear corridors using the Trimble Mx9 Mobile Mapping System and are providing clients with deliverables for asset management, planning and construction using specialized software. Our clients receive the following to assist their preconstruction assessments and post-construction projects:

  • Clearance analysis
  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and DSM (Digital Surface Model)
  • Surface analysis for condition assessment and classified data
  • Asset management for power poles, signs, light standards, etc.
  • GIS database of collected assets


Looking for more information on using Mobile Mapping data and services for your project in Canada? Click here to get in touch.

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