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Ready to support land surveying and geomatics services for Ledcor.

Rail Services and Solutions

GeoVerra has been providing land surveying and geomatics services to the rail industry for years. We offer Ledcor a range of solutions that go beyond traditional topographic and legal surveys and LRT projects, to ensure an efficient, timely, money-saving, and stress-free outcome.

Our team is well-equipped with the latest technology, skills and experience to support the construction, engineering, and topographic survey services for the planning, design, layout, development, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure. Pair that with our history in completing successful large-scale transportation major projects and we’re an excellent fit for Ledcor’s geomatics project needs for the Edmonton LRT.

    Rail Services

    • Topographic mapping for concept and detail design
    • Train envelope clearances
    • Tunnel surveys
    • Ballast and rail profiles
    • Siteline documentation
    • Legal designation plans
    • Bridge monitoring
    • Precise Trolley survey
    • Mobile mapping (LiDAR)
    • Photogrammetry
    • 3D scanning
    • Custom portals
    • Asset management data collection

    MX50 – Mobile Mapping System

      A laser affixed to a moving vehicle that scans surrounding 360 degrees (LiDAR technology). It measures objects by millions of points per second with centimeter absolute accuracy, quickly collecting every visual component in diverse environments. This technology has specific applications for use along rail corridors or rail yard where everything visible from the vehicle or trolley can be captured.

    NavVis VLX3 – 3D Scanning

      3D scanning allows our client to obtain 3D point clouds that are accurate up to a few millimeters. The new Navis technology surpasses our traditional scanners and can be used to capture detailed data on bridges and railyards along the rail line and anywhere accessible by foot.

      Project Experience: Metrolinx Regional Express Rail (RER) 1, 2, 3

      Metrolinx is undertaking a transformation of the GTHA GO rail network to expand its services from primarily commuter transport to a fully integrated rapid transit system providing reliable, efficient rail connections. The 10-year, \$16 billion GO Regional Express Rail (RER) program will double GO train service at peak periods and quadruple off-peak service.

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