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Sustainable Energy

GeoVerra’s team members support the entire lifecycle of sustainable energy projects; this includes field and office support for upfront feasibility and project planning, through all phases of construction and execution, on to clean up and final commissioning.

Our experience at industrial facilities and on mainstream pipelines and transmission lines lends itself to the transportation of sustainable energy products, like carbon dioxide and hydrogen. And our familiarity with many of these projects — knowing the ins and outs of a site and the intimate details of a project — enables us to drive forward more efficiently, saving clients time, money, and stress.

    Our services

    • Plans for regulatory, third party permitting, land acquisition, and legal surveying
    • Preliminary survey and engineering/design support
    • Earthworks, civil, and construction survey support
    • Line locating
    • Piles/borehole layout support
    • UAV mounted imagery and LiDAR data acquisition

    To support your projects

    • Carbon dioxide pipelines for enhanced oil recovery as well as permanent sequestration
    • Solar and wind farms for electricity generation
    • Hydrogen storage, transportation, and related infrastructure
    • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) capturing, transportation, and related infrastructure

    Technologies to do more.

    While there will always be a time and place for traditional surveying, GeoVerra embraces technological innovations to advance the industry and support clients in an increasingly data-driven world. By investing in technology year after year, we’re setting a new standard in reality capture and digital transformation.

    Tell us about your sustainable energy project

    No matter how complex, our team has the resources and expertise to scale up or down as required. Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can let you know how we are able to assist.

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