Help Wanted: Advocacy Required

October 20, 2022, by Claire Masikewich

Edmonton, Alta (Oct. 20, 2022) – Before it’s too late, the future of one of Canada’s oldest professions depends on generating interest in geomatics – and we need your help. As the band, The Killers, once wrote, “baby, we’re a dying breed.” Ok, so maybe that’s a bit extreme and using the words “before it’s  Continue Reading »

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Safety, Revitalized

October 4, 2022, by Claire Masikewich

Edmonton, AB (Oct. 4, 2022) – These days, workplace safety is top of mind for most organizations. But it’s not just about compliance and checking off boxes—testing the status quo, upping agility, and evolving processes to engage absolutely everyone creates the safest, most empowered environment possible. Small but mighty. That’s how Jen Alain, GeoVerra’s Director  Continue Reading »

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