Giving You a Clue on GV View

At GeoVerra, we offer mapping and GIS services to our clients using the latest Autodesk® and Esri® software and access to a wide variety of oil and gas, environmental, natural resource, infrastructure, socio-economic, and remote sensing data sets. So, how do we check this data? Let us introduce you to GV View.

GV View is a web mapping application. It presents GV deliverables in an interactive map along with other useful spatial information. GV View has:

  • Almost 100,000 project areas mapped out
  • Approaching 600,000 deliverables available for download
  • Over 350 spatial data layers from more than 40 different sources

Who uses GV View?


  • Use GV View to access their GV deliverables.

GV Team Members

  • Production team members use it to reference spatial data for their deliverables, including base mapping and regulatory requirements.
  • Project managers use it to view their project areas on a map.
  • Field staff use it to view spatial data and scout areas with satellite imagery.

Why was it created?

For two main reasons:

  1. To help GeoVerra become a preferred provider for our clients
  2. To support GeoVerra staff with efficient access to geospatial data

Increased efficiencies within our organization that come from programs like GV View mean organized deliverables for you, our clients. It’s all about providing responsive, trustworthy industry expertise with a solutions-oriented approach. It’s our partnership promise.

How do clients access it?

Clients can access GV View by visiting geoverra.com and clicking Client Login.

Login using credentials supplied by the GeoVerra Service Desk. (Contact your GeoVerra Project Manager if you would like a GV View account).

Mapping and GIS at GeoVerra

Interested in learning more about the mapping and GIS services we offer? Click here to learn more: https://geoverra.wpengine.com/services-solutions/mapping-gis/

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