Cost-effective professional services for watercourse management and bathymetric surveys. GeoVerra uses manned and unmanned boats together with RTK GNSS receivers tethered to single-beam or multi-beam echo sounders to collect and record depth readings. With field crews that are Swift Water Safety certified, our technology and equipment allow us to access any watercourse of any size and complexity, accurately, safely and efficiently.


  • Bathymetric Contours and 3D Surfaces
  • Regulatory Requirements


  • As-built surveys of the bed of body of water
  • Depth of water determination
  • Bank determination as defined provincially, certified by Professional Land Surveyors
  • High-definition surveys of underwater obstructions or features
  • Inspection and analysis of control structures
  • Project design and planning including dock engineering and installation, water power and flood control
  • Navigation chart preparation
  • Pipeline watercourse crossings
  • Integrated bathymetric and UAV surveys
  • Slope stability monitoring
  • Depth of cover and scour surveys
  • Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialist (QAES) watercourse reports


  • Raw and post processed comma separated files
  • 3D CAD models
  • 2D as-built drawings – topographic and contour
  • 3D PDF
  • Comparison analysis reports
  • 3D fly through animations

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