The team at GeoVerra has been providing timber, environmental and land management services to the Alberta Energy and Forestry Industries since 1995. Our environmental and forestry team is made up of Registered Professional Foresters and Forest Technologists, Professional Agrologists and Professional Biologists with decades of full project management experience. We develop plans that incorporate regulatory requirements, stakeholder needs and key operational criteria to deliver project success on-time and on budget.

Right-of-Way Clearing Management

  • Rollback Planning
  • Timber Salvage Waivers
  • ROW Vegetation Control
  • Timber Salvage Planning Management
  • Volume Assessments and Timber Scaling
  • Logging, Clearing and Hauling Operational Planning and Supervision
  • Contract Development and Operational Budgeting
  • Environmental and Clearing Inspection
  • Private Land Forest and Shelterbelt Valuation
  • Regulatory Approvals and Reporting
  • Road Use and Access Plans

Environmental Land Management

  • Pre-site and Pre-disturbance Assessments
  • Regulatory Expertise and Scouting
  • Crown Land Permitting and Regulatory Applications
  • Directive 056 Notifications
  • Wildlife Sweeps and Management Plans
  • Sensitive Species Inventory Surveys
  • Fish Habitat Assessments and Fish Salvage
  • Mitigation Plans for Non-Routine Applications
  • Water Act Regulatory Process
  • Water Quality Monitoring (Turbidity and TSS Sampling and Monitoring)
  • Wetland Assessments
  • Watercourse Crossing and Culvert Assessments
  • DFO Request for Review
  • Grasslands Special Areas Review
  • Reclamation Assessments and Planning
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Third-party Agreements and Acquisitions
  • Indigenous Consultation
  • Disposition Maintenance and Compliance
  • RTF/DOA/TFA Approvals
  • Aggregate Acquisition
  • Timber Damage Assessments
  • GIS and Mapping Services

Road Use Management

  • Master Agreements, Addendums and Invoicing
  • Operating Budgets and Cost Recovery
  • Safety and Use Analysis
  • Road Condition Assessments
  • Traffic Accommodation Strategies

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