We were built for big things.

Ready to support land surveying and geomatics services for Cedar LNG.


We know Cedar LNG’s project require skilled and experienced surveyors with fast-paced work ethic and punctuality – and GeoVerra’s team is built to do just that (and we’re down-to-earth). Our crew of legal land surveyors, engineers, and technologists leverage cutting-edge equipment to deliver extensive consulting services and value-added solutions. Our aim is to enhance operational efficiencies, minimize downtime, and assist our clients in staying on budget.

From single commercial sites to large industrial projects, we use a combination of traditional surveying methods and the latest technology to offer effective solutions for managing any industrial project, from start to finish. We have over 100 years of experience and familiarity to make Cedar LNG’s project successful. From topographic surveys to 3D scanning, planning and more, we’ll bring your facility to life with comfort and quality.

    Indigenous Commitment

    GeoVerra recognizes the importance and is committed to positive, mutually beneficial partnerships and working relationships with Indigenous Peoples across Canada.

    Reflecting on GeoVerra’s values, we recognize the intersection with Reconciliation. We are committed to a culture of both inclusion and awareness of Indigenous Peoples and their cultures in our day-to-day business. We have a responsibility to create inclusive workplaces, engage Indigenous communities, businesses, and contractors, and collaborate with our clients to support Reconciliation.

    GeoVerra is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

      Community and environmental partners for today and tomorrow

      For us, success goes beyond project performance. It includes the initiatives that drive our vision as forward-thinkers and enrich those around us for generations to come. We are serious about environmental and social responsibility. Because of this, our community partnerships play a key role in the decisions we make every single day.

        Our sustainability commitment and GHG reporting

        As one of Canada’s largest surveying and geomatics firms, we want to set the bar high as industry leaders and encourage our peers to do the same. We are committed and recognize the importance of sustainability and social responsibility to our communities and clients. To support sustainable projects, GeoVerra introduced a sustainable energy division, focused on providing surveying, forestry and environmental, and advanced technology solutions to projects within the alternative energy sector, including carbon capture, hydrogen production and storage, and solar and wind. We are excited to have leadership team personnel appointed to focus on our sustainability initiatives and goals, as well as work on an inventory of our GHG emissions with the intent of goals setting and reduction.

          Technologies to do more.

          While there will always be a time and place for traditional surveying, GeoVerra embraces technological innovations to advance the industry and support clients in an increasingly data-driven world. By investing in technology year after year, we’re setting a new standard in reality capture and digital transformation.