Inter Pipeline Heartland Petrochemical

Project Name

Inter Pipeline Heartland Petrochemical


Strathcona County, AB


Construction survey support
Construction materials testing support
Geotechnical investigation
40-acre laydown design
Detailed grading and surface design
Line locating
Ground disturbance permitting
Advanced survey support
Underground facility database management
QA surveys and civil testing

Project Background

The first of its kind in Canada, the Heartland Petrochemical Complex will be designed to convert locally sourced, low-cost propane into approximately 525,000 tonnes per year of polypropylene, a high-value, easy-to-transport plastic. Polypropylene is used to manufacture a wide range of finished products, such as consumer packaging, textiles, automobile components, medical equipment and currency.

Why GeoVerra

GeoVerra’s work on the Heartland Petrochemical Complex began in 2016. In addition to supplying UAV photography for remote refinery construction monitoring of the 92-ha project area, GeoVerra continues to provide ongoing survey and materials testing support to common site services.

The initial project started with two to three full-time GeoVerra team members and ramped up to a peak of 30 full-time staff supporting civil earthworks, concrete testing, piling work, plumb checks on super vessels, pipeline and general services. As one of Canada’s largest surveying and geomatics firms, GeoVerra has the ability to scale up and down as required, which is key in a fast-paced construction environment.

Additionally, the team provided survey, materials testing and engineering support for common site services throughout the construction project. GeoVerra’s legacy company WSP also provided coordination of ground disturbance permitting and line locates and maintained a database of all underground facilities within the facility.

In addition to traditional survey services and advanced technology support, GeoVerra assisted with the transport of five large vessels, the largest load ever moved on public roads in Alberta. A Propylene-Propane Splitter was transported on two 26-axle double-wide trailers propelled by four pull trucks and four to six push trucks. With a total length of 180 m, this move is the length of approximately three NHL hockey rinks. The combined weight of the loads and transport vehicle is just over 1,600 tonnes, which is spread out over 900 wheels.

Projects of this size require carefully synchronized efforts from all involved. With GeoVerra’s attention to detail, ongoing communication both in and out of the field and consistent personnel, the project has continued to stay on time and on budget.

Primary Services

  • Construction site services survey support
  • Construction site services materials testing support
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • 40-acre laydown design
  • Detailed grading and surface design, tender, construction management of intersection improvements
  • 12 intersection upgrades for super vessels
  • Utility coordination
  • Line locating
  • Ground disturbance permitting
  • Survey control establishment and monitoring
  • Advanced survey support (3D scanning, Lidar, UAV)
  • Field designs for drill path of directional drills
  • Underground facility database management
  • QA surveys and civil testing

Ready to Start?

As one of Canada’s largest geomatics companies, we have field offices dotted from British Columbia to Ontario so that we can deploy teams with local knowledge at the drop of a hat and scale quickly to meet project needs.