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Suite 100, 150 Isabella Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 1V7

(647) 905-8887

GeoVerra provides responsive, timely and dependable results.

Please note, cadastral surveying services are not presently offered at this location.

Key Services Offered:

Transit, Transportation, Topographic Surveys, Construction, Deformation Monitoring, Tunneling, Mining, Laser Scanning, Remote Sensing, Air Photo, UAV, RPAS, Drone, Lidar, Terrestrial Scanning, Bathymetry, Scan-To-BIM, Mapping, Geodetic Control, Pipeline, Forestry and Environmental.

Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of services we offer at GeoVerra. For more information visit our Services and Solutions page or contact us and we’d be happy to provide a quick response to your project needs.