““ GeoVerra Team Member Receives the 2022 Tim Koepke Award of Merit - GeoVerra

Edmonton, AB (June 22, 2022) – A big congratulations is going out to GeoVerra’s Saskatoon Branch Lead, Calvin Bourassa. Recently, Calvin was awarded the Tim Koepke Award of Merit at the 2022 National Surveyors Conference held in Ottawa. Calvin was recognized as an individual who has made extraordinary contributions and outstanding service to the Association of Canada Land Surveyors (ACLS).

Calvin accomplished the following criteria (and more) to be eligible for this award:

  • Served on one or more ACLS committees for at least 10 years,
    serving as chairperson for part of that time
  • Demonstrates leadership skills both within the profession of surveying and
    in the community
  • Nominated by and supported by two (2) ACLS members in good standing

Congratulations, Calvin! GeoVerra is honoured to have him as a member of the team.