With roots based in Western Canada, GeoVerra understands the oil and gas industry. Our strategically located offices allow our land surveyors to provide local expertise, and extensive industry experience to get the job done accurately, cost-effectively and on time.

As one of Canada’s largest geomatics firms, we offer a diverse range of integrated land survey services to oil and gas companies and their suppliers across the country. By providing comprehensive solutions for our clients and a collaborative, team approach, we can offer bundled services tailored to your unique project needs. From pre-planning with remote sensing data (from LiDAR, UAVs, and air photos), through acquisition and construction, right up until reclamation, we can help you at any stage along the way.

GeoVerra offers a variety of oil and gas, and regulatory and environmental services including:

    • Well Site Surveys
    • Pipeline Construction
    • Pipeline Integrity
    • Pipeline Surveys
    • Oil Sands Exploration and Plant Site Surveys
    • Battery and Compressor Site Surveys
    • Disposition Acquisition and Renewal Surveys
    • Project Pre-planning
    • Pre-Site Environmental Assessments
    • EAP Supplements, Regulatory Applications
    • Code of Practice and Water Act Applications
    • Wildlife Sweeps
    • Underground Line Locating
    • Compiled Plan Mapping
    • Stakeholder Consultation
    • Emergency Response Planning
    • Construction Support
    • Earthwork Surveys

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