From the exploration stage, land and mineral acquisition, new construction and expansion, to reclamation, GeoVerra’s team has the experience to get your job done on-time and on budget. Our team is trained to understand all mining survey requirements; whether it is potash work in southern Saskatchewan, a large scale open pit oil sands mine, or a northern uranium mining operation.

Mine Survey Services

  • Surface Lease Surveys
  • Mineral Boundary Staking
  • Subsidence Monitoring Surveys
  • Exploration Wells Surveys
  • Terrain Modeling – using 3D scanning, LiDAR and UAV
  • Open Pit Mine Surveys
  • Pit Advancement Surveys, Lowest Mined Surface Collection and Reporting
  • Tailing Cell Advancements
  • Site and Topographic Surveys
  • Ore and Waste Volumes
  • Survey Control Networks
  • Photogrammetry
  • Reclamation Surveys
  • Regulatory Applications, Water Act
  • Environmental Assessment Plans 

Mine Construction Services

  • Construction Staking
  • Grade Staking
  • Precise Leveling
  • Elevation Grids
  • Haul Road Construction
  • 3D Scanning and Modeling
  • Tailings Dyke and In-pit Dyke Construction
  • Facility and Heavy Industrial Construction
  • Layout of Dig Limits, Ore Seams and Blast Surveys

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