GeoVerra provides a vehicle-based emissions monitoring service to the upstream and midstream energy industry in Western Canada. We specialize in providing alternative solutions to fugitive emission management program (FEMP), leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs using our ExACT emissions detection vehicle. Implementing innovative alternative technology like ExACT allows clients to reduce costs while efficiently monitoring emissions and meeting regulatory and stakeholder requirements. Ongoing development of ExACT ensures we exceed best-practice standards while offering a fast, safe and cost-effective emissions monitoring service.

Why Monitor?

  • Comply with provincial and federal regulations; avoid fines and audits
  • Build confidence with stakeholders and investors through positive public perception
  • Improve your ESG rating

Why ExACT?

  • Detects emissions from several greenhouse gases faster using a mobile platform
  • Faster and more efficient than hand-held monitoring systems
  • Operates in all temperatures – beneficial for the Canadian energy industry
  • More cost-effective than traditional methods, scanning the entire site and investigating problem areas as required
  • Detects gas leaks in real-time, which allows us to deliver data quickly
  • Can be used as a package solution with an onboard OGI camera, for immediate on-the-spot assessments

As provincial and federal emissions regulations come into effect, we are committed to continuing collaborating with industry, regulators and academia to become experts in providing alternative emissions monitoring services.

Emissions Screening and Alternative Fugitive Emissions Surveys

  • Alternative Methane Emissions Monitoring
  • Alt-FEMP/LDAR Development
  • Accurate Quantification of Site-Level CH4 Emissions
  • Regulatory Emissions Reporting
  • Preliminary Emissions Screening for Alternative Fugitive Emissions Management Programs
  • GIS and Mapping Services for Emissions Management
  • AER Directive 060 Compliant for Annual Fugitive Emissions Screenings
  • AER Directive 060 Annual and Triannual Fugitive Emission Surveys*

Quantification and Reporting

  • Regulatory Approvals and Emissions Reporting
  • Policy Review and Interpretation

Research and Development

  • Driving R&D via Ongoing Collaboration with Academia
  • Participation in Research Programs

*Using an alternative fugitive emissions monitoring technology requires regulatory approval from AER. GeoVerra has the resources to help guide you through the process and make the necessary applications. 

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