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Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)

AB Methane Field Challenge
PTAC AMFC – ExACT Emissions Monitoring

Rocky Mountain House, AB

ExACT Emissions Monitoring Truck

ExACT Emissions Monitoring Truck

GeoVerra provided ExACT emissions monitoring service to the PTAC Alberta Methane Field Challenge (AMFC). The AMFC took about 10 of the most promising of these new methane detection technologies and tested them in the field. GeoVerra used vehicle-based technology to collect methane measurements to identify and attribute emissions to specific sources. Data was provided to the research team for analysis and comparison to other alternative monitoring technologies and Optical Gas Imaging cameras (OGI).

Client Brief

  •  Operators and regulators in Canada are interested in new technologies that can deliver cost-effective methane emission detection/quantification compared to conventional approaches


  •   The AMFC will provide science and data to help understand the effectiveness of methane emission detection/quantification technologies

Our Approach

The ExACT technology is an innovative solution that offers a competitive advantage over other gas detection technologies as it can cover more area and detect super-emitters quickly. With ExACT technology, industry can easily identify which sites need to undergo repairs to reduce net emissions and meet targets.

Primary Services

Methane emissions monitoring


The aim of the challenge was to assess the real-world performance of new methane sensing technologies in comparison with conventional optical gas imaging-based leak detection surveys.