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ExACT Emissions Monitoring Truck

GeoVerra provided its ExACT emissions monitoring service to Seven Generations Energy’s (7G) proactive, comprehensive leak detection and repair (LDAR) program. GeoVerra team members were involved in the alternative methane monitoring pilot project alongside other alternative methane monitoring tools over 2018-2019. GeoVerra used vehicle-based technology to collect methane measurements to identify and attribute emissions to specific sources.

Client Brief

  • In advance of methane emissions legislation, 7G proactively conducted a comprehensive LDAR program.


  •  7G was seeking innovative technologies and practices like our ExACT emissions detection service to reduce the emissions intensity of its operations by minimizing direct emissions and improving energy efficiency.

Our Approach

The ExACT technology is an innovative solution that offers a competitive advantage over other gas detection technologies as ExACT moves quickly, efficiently, and is capable of detecting emitting sites requiring further follow up or repair.

Primary Services

Methane emissions monitoring


Emissions monitoring was conducted more frequently than what was required by regulations and repaired any leaks that were detected — this reduced 7G’s fugitive emissions by 763 metric tonnes of methane per year.