Safety is a way of life.

At GeoVerra, working safely is one of our core values and an integral part of our business. In all we do, working safely comes first. It’s a group effort. We pride ourselves on highly coordinated teamwork for complete peace of mind in the field and beyond. Across all operations, the health, working safely and welfare of our team, clients, assets, the community and the environment are paramount. GeoVerra recognizes that health and safety, when applied effectively and consistently, is a lifestyle, and works to the benefit of everyone.

We’re dedicated to creating a safe and healthy workplace by developing programs and employing the necessary training that exceeds industry standards. All personnel are responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with the requirements of our corporate HSE Management System through industry, client and task-specific safety training; including specific rules and regulations prescribed for each given project.

GeoVerra utilizes eCompliance, a web-based, safety management platform, which provides management with total visibility into our safety performance in real time and gives our employees a platform that allows two-way communication between onsite employees and in-office management. More than just improving our employee participation, eCompliance significantly enhances engagement at all levels of our organization, whether it’s via the website or while using the mobile app on or offline. This capability ensures that our employees conform to applicable regulatory programs as well as healthy and safety standards and policies on a company-wide scale.

Personal, company and community safety is paramount at GeoVerra – it’s a way of life. For that reason, our S.A.F.E. logo represents and communicates our core value of working safely and its importance and we encourage you to think about it in everything you do.  S.A.F.E. reinforces everyone to:

Stop and think | Assess the risks | Follow procedures | Engage everyone

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