GeoVerra Partners with Shaw Business

January 19, 2022, by Claire Masikewich

We’re proud to be a smart partner. As Canada’s largest geomatics firm, GeoVerra carries out surveying, mapping, GIS, forestry and environmental services across diverse industries throughout the country. With over 650 employees and 25 locations from British Columbia to Ontario, we traffic in big data for even bigger clients in order to improve efficiency and  Continue Reading »

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Pipeline Power

January 11, 2022, by Claire Masikewich

Written by: Mohamed Attia, Director, Pipeline Integrity & Advanced Technology Advanced technology is changing the game for pipeline integrity and maintenance programs. For pipeline owners and operators, the risks are real. Pressure is mounting: rigorous and complex regulations, price volatility, environmental crusades, and even unpredictable weather and geohazards are writing a new chapter for oil  Continue Reading »

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